487. Clarksville, Johnson County (AR39)

With obligatory note that I’ve been to one of these both at home and abroad, Arkansas is getting a track record of courthouses that I approve of. After the last few counties, it’s quite nice to keep that streak going. This is also the last one that I was going to be able to photograph with sunlight. The daytime was soon to come to an end and I would be at the mercy of ambient illumination since I was not traveling with my low light solution. But that test would have to wait for just a little bit. I wasn’t leaving here without a cache for obvious reasons.

The cache was a little magnetic thingy on a fire hydrant. The cache was new and exciting, absolutely nothing like I saw just a couple of hours ago! Truth be told, I’m just happy it was there. I spent a bit of time just previous looking for a cache at a business. The obvious places were filled with nothing more than leaves and the D/T didn’t suggest something especially hard or clever. Never forget to maintain your caches, folks. I’m not going to be too judgmental (a lot of my friends, upon reading that sentence, will be giving me a little side eye at that) because I’m sometimes guilty of that particular sin myself. On the other hand, you never know when someone passing through needs a quick and easy cache and they have to end up wasting time because your pill bottle (or other cache equivalent) disappeared. Admittedly, it was only ten minutes out of my life because, being on the road, I wasn’t going to invest that much time in a cache without a really good reason, but still! Let’s just try to be better cache owners, alright? But being preachy is not a luxury I wish to engage in at the easiest of times, much less while on the road. I did my work and went on my merry way, arriving directly in…

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