488. Russellville, Pope County (AR40)

Lots of ambient light! I actually got some decent shots of this one. Of course, the badly placed streetlight kind of washes things out a bit, but somehow I’ll manage. I wanted to call this another wonder of the WPA, but I read (for the first time apparently) that the WPA wasn’t founded until 1935. Seeing that the courthouse wasn’t built until 1931 and that I’ve assigned many courthouses WPA origins in the past, it turns out that I have been making a systemic history fail for quite some time. I could have quietly swept it under the rug and just never mentioned it again, but I wouldn’t do that to all of you. Mea culpa. My vanity can survive my mistake.

The worrisome bit was that the town was incredibly busy. In fact, it threw me a lot how many unmasked people were walking around without a care in the world. I know some people choose to not wear masks as a political statement or something, but I care far less about politics than I care about health. Having been driving a lot all day, I masked up and opted to walk a few blocks over from the courthouse to grab a cache.

The cache was at a nearby church, an ammo can inside the fence around the mechanical equipment. Full Disclosure: the cache description said that you’re not supposed to look for this one outside of daylight hours, but I don’t let such things stop me. Actually, I’ve let such things stop me on a few occasions, but I felt pretty safe in this case. Everyone was out paying attention to their own fun having now that it looked like the pandemic might soon be near the end in the foreseeable future. Therefore, nobody was paying attention to me whatsoever, wandering around town with a maglight and the will to use it! Once the claim was made, I got back to the car and took a short break to get some dinner and plan the next move. Unfortunately, the next move was not as planned as it should have been. When I finally left, I was bound for…

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