166. Athens, Henderson County

Another stop on the way to East Texas. Unlike Corsicana, however, Athens has a great loop around it so this is probably the third time I’ve ever actually been in in town. It was also getting close to lunch time so the girls and I decided to get some food after we grabbed the cache. Someone was kind enough to put a multicache on the courthouse grounds based on the various monuments and plaques around the grounds. Normally I don’t fiddle with multis while I’m out on the road, but it was here so I decided to work it and get it over with.

The girls went with me from monument to monument, answering questions about them, giving me numbers and counting words. We put the numbers in the coordinates and found an answer. We jumped in the car and went to the GZ and we found…

Well, crap. I guess it’s hard to get the cache when the tree is gone. I put in a note for maintenance and we decided to get food. Our lunch was interminable. It never seemed to end, which is a problem when you’re racing the sunlight. I also got a message from the multi owner. There’s no tree at the GZ so we must have gotten out coordinates wrong. Well, double crap. We paid the check and got going. We couldn’t leave town until we had a cache so…

…there’s always a cemetery. This one was not as nice as the last one, but I’ve seen both beautiful and squalid ones and they all have one thing in common: every occupant sleeps in the earth no matter the size of the stone or the lack thereof. We went to the back to the tree line and found what we came for.

It had seen better days, but it was functional. The log was signed and we got on our way. Athens took a far more of our time than we had expected and we were all ready to get on the road, soon finding ourselves in…

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