172. Marshall, Harrison County

So, this was one of the towns they warned me about. I had already heard that it had been (and sometimes still is) rife with white nationalist activity. And of course, few towns get their own documentaries. Fun fact: one of Marshall’s nicknames is the “Athens of Texas.” Which I find hilarious since I was in the Athens of Texas yesterday. You’ll probably notice that my courthouse photo is from a little farther away than I usually get. Well, that’s because I like the old courthouse a bit better.

Don’t you agree?  It is pretty much their symbolic building.  And when it’s strung up in lights during their winter Wonderland of Lights it’s pretty stunning.  And this is where all the monuments and such are.

Some in Texas consider Marshall to be more South than the Deep South.  All these little pink granite boys make me wonder if there may be something to that. There was even another one I couldn’t get in the photo.  But enough of that.  There is a cache to get.  I wanted to get the one across the street but a bunch of people were setting up a street market so, in interests of keeping muggle problems from cropping up, I opted for another one.

Nice art piece, yes?  Well, somewhere on all that metal there’s a keybox waiting for you.  I grabbed it, signed it, and was off.  I headed off into the cool of the morning to land in… 

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