An Excellent Sunday

Normally I would take this time to talk about the various caches I’ve picked up over the last few weeks (it has been three weeks since we in the same time frame [except, of course, for Friday’s unplanned entry]). Yesterday I did some stuff, but today I had a lovely caching morning. It all started off with The Owllett, pictured above. I and a buddy came out here once for it, but it was wet, muddy as all get out, the sun was going down, and it was just in enough rough so we decided to leave it for another day. For me, today was the day. It was found and claimed so I had my requisite one for the day. While I was in the park with it, I decided to go after one of the other caches and, since I had some time to kill, I decided to go after the multi, Sylvia Macentire’s Hidden Artifact. I tromped down some trails until I found this mythical creature…

This monster led to a robot and, in the end, an ammo can.

The artifact was safe! But then I decided on a change of focus. There’s an older cache I’ve wanted to go after for Jasmer reasons. I went to the location one night, but it’s tucked away in a park and wooded enough that I didn’t want to go in with the weak flashlight I had. Well, the sun was up now so I I went and got Demise of a Dot Com.

Talk about a rusty old ammo can… Signed, claimed. Looking on the map, I noticed another really old cache down the stream. Since I was near and it would fill another Jasmer hole, I decided to go grab What Lies Beneath.

It’s not actually here. This was just some interesting graffiti on the way there. It’s actually at a bridge further down. It took me a while to find it because it turned out to be simpler than I thought it was. I also managed to scare a muggle when I came out from under the bridge. She and I chatted for a bit to allay her shock (and, to be honest, she was pretty cute and I’m hardly a saint). Turned out that she knew about geocaching but didn’t do it herself, but after a little while (and no obvious signs of interest), we parted ways. She headed off with her dog and I went back down the creek to head home. A cool cache, a fun multi, and two old ones… It was a good morning out.

2 thoughts on “An Excellent Sunday

  1. Nice blog entry – and Thanks, because I just added those to my list for an Austin trip. I’ll probably work on the Cache Carnival Souvenirs in Austin since there’s not many left in my part of the state I haven’t found.


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