The Trouble With Trackables…

So I have run across a minorly frustrating thing about my trackables. See these four little buddies? One of them is in a hotel near the Texas/Louisiana border which is cool. Another was just picked up from a state park in Georgia which is awesome. One of them is in the hands of a friend of mine who is a far more casual cacher than I am. As a result, it’s barely gone anywhere, which is disappointing because it’s goal is to move west and El Paso would have been a good place to drop it. The fourth made its way up to Dallas and was picked up by a cacher taking it to The 17th Annual Texas Challenge and Festival in Seguin, which is nice except a) I’m going to be there myself and b) that’s bring it back to an hour and a half from here. 😦

This is even more annoying because, if you remember, I dropped a couple of trackables chosen by my daughters in a cache outside of Marfa TX. They languished there for a month until they were picked up and brought to a TB hotel here in Austin to help move them along. 😦 This saddens me more because they both want to move to other places far away, one to New York, the other to Australia. They definitely didn’t want to come back here.

So I put the question to you all: do you read a trackable’s goal? And do you try to help it accomplish it? Some trackables I’ve moved some along as quickly as they wanted in a place they wanted to go. I’ve got one that I’ve carried around for a long time because I let it go and it came right back to me. I’m planning a few more trackables, though I’m not sure I’ll have them ready for the Mega. Some I’ve been lackadaisical about moving because I’m sometimes lazy about such things.

What about you all? How do you treat the trackables that fall in your hands?

5 thoughts on “The Trouble With Trackables…

  1. One recommendation from GCHQ that does help some is to put the goal of the Trackable on a laminated card that people can see before they grab the Trackable. While they can look at the goals online some do use a GPSr and can’t see the goal until later. I know, why use a GPSr? I think that is silly too but some people do. And other just don’t look them up because they are lazy or in a hurry. It’s worth a shot.

    We have manybthat disappear or go to a completely different country than their online goal. It gets frustrating but there isn’t a lot you can do other than just be happy they haven’t been put on eBay.


    1. That’s actually a really good idea. I’ve seen it on other trackables and don’t know why I haven’t done it myself.

      That said, I wish I had time to make my next set of trackables before the Mega. 😦


  2. I highly highly recommend you do NOT leave trackables at large events. I can not tell you how many trackables I have lots this way. Of the 200+ trackables I have released, I probably have maybe 10 that are still traveling. Just dont expect to much. Serious – signed heartbroken trackable owner.


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