The Mega Approacheth…

So I’ve found a few caches over the last few weeks, but I haven’t bothered talking about them much (other than this past Sunday, that is). Primarily, I’ve been filling the last week with a few side things to fill in the time to the Mega on Saturday in Seguin. I mention this because on Sunday I’m planning to make a trip to some more counties skirting Houston. You may also notice a big number jump when I start writing them. That’s because last weekend I took another trip and picked up a batch of counties. If I started writing them up, however, I wouldn’t be writing about the Mega until after next week. And since I’m continuing on a trip after, I have decided to continue the narrative flow and then do the previous trip once that trip is completely done. It works out nicely because I should be done and completely caught up just in time for my next planned trip at the beginning of April, a three-day into the Permian Basin and the Panhandle.

That said, I can at least give a teaser of my last trip. I hit 700 on that trip. You can look at my milestones if you REALLY want to know where it was, but I’ll just say it was special…

It wasn’t that far from where this photo was taken. But I’ll tell you all about it AFTER I’m done telling you about this weekend… Until then, see you in Seguin!

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