66. Jourdanton, Atascosa County

I pulled into the circle in the center of town to find this majestic old lady. This was one of the more impressive ones I have seen on this trip. I took a walk in the chill of the day for my regular check around. I won’t lie… The day was beginning to wear on me a little bit. I love all the driving and travel, but it does wear a little bit. I sometimes wonder if I should do more partner travel. I did a few counties this way with a caching buddy, but we didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Travel with company can be more fun, but travel alone means things get done.

The cache itself was at a local park, a nano attached to a phone pole cable. Pretty simple and to the point. I wish I had taken a photo of the nano itself, though. The top had this cool pearlescent yet translucent thing with imbeds that look like a circuit suspended in milk. I wish I knew where to get some because I would totally use them. And, since I had achieved everything I wanted to do at this point, I was faced with a choice: I could head home or I could slip in one more county. It would be close if I chose the latter, but I could do it. NO. I had a plan and I had accomplished it. I should stick to it. If I had taken my food in George West to go instead of eating in, I would have done it. But I was feeling a bit road weary and I didn’t want to drive home through San Antonio at night if I could avoid it. Pearsall could wait until another trip, probably my one-day out to Del Rio. But if I was going to go home, I might as well hit another cache on the way home…

I found a quick little virtual here at the Longhorn Museum. Of course they were closed because I don’t have that kind of luck. But at least I was able to pick up one more for the day. And, once it was done, I got back in the car and began the drive to San Antonio and, eventually, home. Eleven counties visited, ten counties cached. I call that a good day, no?

2 thoughts on “66. Jourdanton, Atascosa County

  1. I’ve been in the Longhorn Museum (and got the virtual). It’s pretty cool. The back room is FULL of taxidermied animals. Creepy, weird, and cool at the same time.


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