64. George West, Live Oak County

So somewhere along the way here I realized that I haven’t eaten anything since before sunrise. Since food is kind of a thing, I decided to eat something. My decision was made much easier by the realization that the cache was just outside of a Dairy Queen. I grabbed it and decided that since I was making good time I would sit had eat. In hindsight, I wish I had just gotten it to go and taken it on the road. No, nothing bad happened, but the 45 minutes I spent eating and relaxing would alter my thinking about something later in the day. I popped over to the courthouse. That turned out to be a difficult visit.

I don’t know anything about George West Steakhouse, but holy hockey sticks did it smell good! It smelled so painfully good. I wish I had eaten there instead. I even considered having a second lunch, but opted against it. I also learned that J. Frank Dobie was from this area. That’s interesting. Of course, there’s also…

The courthouse has its own longhorn. That’s a new one on me thus far. But I also spent far longer than I had to here. I had to get rolling and so I got back on the road, soon arriving in…

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