65. Tilden, McMullen County

Another tiny county seat with next to nothing around (thinking of you again, Paint Rock). As I pulled out the phone to check for the next cache, I noticed I made a mistake! Every other town I had a list of local caches to choose from just in case I had no phone reception (thanks to you again, Paint Rock). But Tilden? I forgot to make a list and reception was spotty. Well, heck. But luckily, “spotty” means some reception. I was able to pull something up and managed to head for a nearby cache after determining the grounds had little in the way of monument and such.

Turns out that Tilden has one of the only two legitimate Boot Hill Cemeteries in the Southwest. I got to spend some time with the final resting place of killers and bandits. Of course, the irony of the new Sheriff’s Department being across the street is not lost on me. A micro in a tree (my favorite kind! Or not…) was simple enough to find and grab. The log was full so the least I could do was replace it. So the thing was done and I got ready to roll again. Back to the car and I was off again, headed for…

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