75. Pearsall, Frio County

This one seems like it’s seen better days. Places like this and Duval County make me think about how much money is devoted to courthouse maintenance. Of course, I assume that richer counties have more money to spend on their facilities, but I wonder if the State provides anything for such things as county administration upkeep or something similar. One of these days, I may poke into State budgets past and see if that’s even a thing. If not, who would? A poor county wouldn’t have much to provide upkeep to the county and facilities are a part of that. Something to consider for the future. If I remember. Which I probably won’t, but who knows?

I was a bit thrown by this, not because military because these are all over the place, but because of the statue painted to look like a toy soldier. Though I’m pretty sure that no disrespect was meant, I honestly don’t know how anybody would find that even remotely tasteful. The military and its soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are not toys to be cast away at a whim. And sometimes these war memorials, especially more modern ones, feel like they’re almost hailing warfare and the strength of our armed forces more than commemorating the men and women who fight and die for their country regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

“The Beginning of a Dream?” The Continuation of a Dream?” Again, I know they mean well, but I dream of people not having to die in seemingly eternal conflicts and unceasing police actions. That’s one of the many things I dream of. Maybe that’s just me. I fervently hope it isn’t.

They claim the world’s largest peanut so as you can imagine, this is a good place to put a cache… No, that’s not it in the front. That’s some kind of art stone thing so that’s cool. It was a key box back behind so, again, nothing particularly special, but that’s cool, too. We saw Pearsall and the World’s Largest Peanut. That’s enough justification right there. And with the hour growing late and the sky growing dark, I got back in the car for the last time today (other than a snack stop) and headed on up IH-35 for home.

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