74. Crystal City, Zavala County

Crystal City, on the other hand, is a bit more memorable. Apparently Crystal City is the Spinach Capital of the World. I didn’t know that when I hit town and saw all the Popeye motifs everywhere. This is a courthouse unlike any I had seen thus far. Not only is it that sort of 60’s/70’s modern, but it has individual exterior doors for each department? That’s a new one on me… And time was passing on. Based on the time of day it was and the sunlight left, I realized the price of my trip over the border: I would have to cut a county out of my trip. It was a price I was willing to pay and ended up cementing a thought that had been sticking in my head about my completion of South Texas, but that’s a matter for another time.

So the cache was on this old caboose. It’s sitting right there in the middle of town, open to anybody who wants to come aboard. So I went in… I was going to offer you all an interesting bit of graffiti from inside, but it was pointed out by one of my daughters that there was an unacceptable word in the photo so I will save that one for posterity. It was pretty interesting in there, though the cache itself was nothing particularly special, a key box hidden inside.

But I had to at least visit this guy down on the other side of the park. He’s strong to the finish because he eats something or other… I didn’t get that part. But I had to get going. Back on the road, I sped off for…

2 thoughts on “74. Crystal City, Zavala County

  1. A caboose and Popeye, sounds like a nice little trip. I’ll have to use your blog as a travel guide if I ever make it back to Texas!


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