73. Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County

Another small town, another courthouse. A suitable courthouse in my layman’s opinion. That said, around the corner…

…is something more refreshingly modern. I imagine it’s close enough to the border that there is actually a decent amount of legal and law enforcement activity. Either way, credit where credit is due for both preserving the classic and looking to the future. Or some kind of crap like that.

The cache itself was in a cemetery. Nothing out of the ordinary, a micro in a tree. It’s also the only cache in town. The real tragedy here is that I honestly don’t remember anything about it. I know I was there. I can see on the map that I claimed it. I have photographs. But I remember nothing. It’s a cache like any other in another small town cemetery. And I’m writing this with a little more remove than usual. This is what comes of speeding through towns. That said, the same thing would still probably have happened if I spent an entire day in every county. There’s only so much that can stay in the short term memory and I still have to hit the road again. I got on the road and soon ended up in…

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