A Peek Behind The Curtain

So, I’m not naive. I know the only reason any of you read all this is for the hot geocaching action. Some of you true deviants might be enraptured by all my county talk. Sometimes, however, as staff writer, editor-in-chief, and owner of this periodical, I have to consider subjects ancillary to the geocaching shenanigans you have come to expect.

First, there is a certain difficulty that comes from not being on the road. It’s always a lot easier to write about my adventures. When I’ve gone to a new county, I’ve got a set subject and format for whatever new entry I’ll make. When I’m at home, my thinking and writing are a little less directed and quite a bit less focused. I find myself wandering and wondering from day to day about what will come next. Do I talk about a cache? Do I ramble on about an errant thought? Did I have an adventure that people might be interested in hearing about? Or will you all be stuck reading that I yearn to go beyond the horizon, that I long to visit the undiscovered county? One can never be sure what we’re going to end up with. It’s a surprise, even to me.

Second, speaking of the undiscovered county, I do, in fact, yearn for such a thing. I know that I’m not going to be back on the road for a while, at least not before the new year, more than likely not until a bit later. I’m thinking and considering February. Bamarama is in my sights. Not only would it give me Alabama, but (being a stone’s throw away from Pensacola) it would begin putting Florida into play. On the other hand, the Yuma Mega is around the same time. That would give me a chance to continue working Arizona, and California is only a stone’s throw away as well. Considering the talk that this might be the last Mega in Yuma, that’s on my mind. I also find myself routing trips to other places for next year as well. I don’t know if or when any of my mindless planning will come to fruition, and I won’t reveal my planning for precisely that reason. I am never quite sure where I will go at any given time. Heck, my first overnight road trip had originally been planned for Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley, and with twenty-four hours’ notice, was changed to El Paso and West Texas. But I will say this: Connecticut is changing from eight counties to nine councils of government at the beginning of 2023, so…

Finally, I mentioned about a thousand years ago that I was working on a book. Since November is the time for NaNoWriMo (and good luck to anyone taking up that challenge!) and my text is already written, I figured this would be a good time to edit. So I am editing! Of course, editing is a lot harder than writing, so any hope of completion in November was folly in the extreme. But it advances, which is all that matters. Something something marathon, something not sprint.

So those are my mental shenanigans. Truly, it is hard to run a publication of this magnitude. But the presses must roll!

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