59. Refugio, Refugio County

Heading into town, I noticed there were a few caches on the road on the way so I stopped at an unpopulated trackable hotel in a tree. I even left a little buddy to reside for a while. Then I headed into town to the courthouse. One big thing you notice in this part of the state is that there is no room for most history other than that related to the Texas Revolution. Gonzales, Goliad, even San Antonio to some extent, and now here.

This column, across the street in the park, is dedicated to Amon King and the Battle of Refugio. As you can rightly imagine, it is the most prominent of monuments here. And then it dawned on me: I forgot to take a photo at the cache! I passed it already, though. But you know something? I already messed that up once this trip. I try hard not to make the same mistake twice.

I went back. I wish it was higher up in the tree so I could say that I returned to the scene of the climb. Right? Right?!? Or not. But at least I remembered. That’s what mattered. That and getting back on the road. I drove away, leaving that little buddy behind and headed off to…

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