23. Gonzales, Gonzales County


Gonzales is special for several reasons, but I’ll talk about that as we go on.  I didn’t see any sign of Confederate anything around here.  In this town, there’s only room for one revolt…


The Texas Revolution is the only insurrection that gets any press, time, or monuments here.  In fact, one of the most important stories in Texas history (if you’re from Gonzales or love the Alamo) is that of the Immortal Thirty-Two.


So, yeah, they’re kind of a thing.  But, even more important is this…


Why?  Because when the Mexicans came to take it, the men of Gonzales (technically the Dewitt Colony, but Dewitt County is the next one south) made a flag…

Had I thought about it, I would have taken a picture of the actual flag there in the museum with the cannon, but I was busy.  There was a virtual right there at the museum so you bet I claimed it.  There was another virtual on the other side of the courthouse and I got that one, too.

Just as important is that both my daughters’ parents have ties to Gonzales.  Their mother is descended from one of the guys who brought the cannon to the Dewitt Colony.  I, on the other hand, am descended from a former slave (my great-great grandfather) who came to Gonzales after the Civil War, got married, and made a pretty big family.  I’ve known that he and my great-great grand mother were buried in a black cemetery and the only reference to the location of it was a 1990 report from a lady that said that my great-great grandmother’s gravestone was still there.  Turns out that someone was there at the beginning of last year and got coordinates.  I didn’t have time on this trip to go out there, but I’m hoping I can on the next trip.  And ultimately, I’m hoping to put an ammo can out there, but that’s for another day.  I got back in the car and headed off to…

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