29. Cuero, Dewitt County


So my caching friend is spending the week in Austin, but lives in Cuero, about two hours away.  She had to go back down to get some things (she hadn’t originally planned to) and to help her mother with a difficult errand (horse feed is heavy).  So I offered to help carry some bags of feed and suggested a more circuitous route back that would hit some counties I hadn’t been to.  Since she hadn’t done any caching outside of Austin and Cuero, she accepted and so a day trip began.


The caching actually started with a stop at Buc-ee’s in Luling.  For those of you outside Texas (there are only a couple outside Texas), imagine your local convenience store is the size of a supermarket and has a hundred gas pumps.  That’s what a Buc-ee’s is like.  This one had a couple of LPCs so we grabbed them then continued on to Cuero.


Getting photos of the courthouse was actually a bit difficult on two counts: there were a lot of children running about and the sun managed to backlight no matter what angle I looked from even with cloud cover.  But I somehow managed and we went to grab a cache.  There aren’t many in town proper (three, if you must know) so I grabbed a close one (another LPC).


It’s really hard to read, but I found another of these granite markers, this one dedicated to a local Confederate officer.  As always, heartwarming to know that that the “Lost Cause” is so well remembered…  Yeah.

Anyway, we got back in the car to go get the feed.  That meant we headed on down the road to…

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