22. Lockhart, Caldwell County


I only had half the day because of I had stuff to do with the kids in the afternoon so I took the morning to do a few counties.  There was one direction I hadn’t been in so I went to do it.  That’s how I ended up in Lockhart.  Maybe you recognize it or not.  It’s been used for the setting of a quaint town center in a lot of movies.  It’s even the the final scene of the movie I have an IMDB credit for (don’t worry, you’ve never seen it).  The irony is that the cache was something I recognized myself.  It was almost completely identical to one in Georgetown: immediately around the corner from the courthouse, magnetic on an old iron staircase.


And, of course, well, you know…  But you know what?


This little guy doesn’t care.

It was too early for barbeque and just the right time for breakfast so I hit the store for some bagels and orange juice and then hit the road for…

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