21. Boerne, Kendall County


So this is one I haven’t run across yet.  The courthouse was rebuilt across the street from the original courthouse.  So, oddly enough, we’re getting a two-fer on this one…


I also noted that there was only one memorial around the entire complex.  To me expected for really new courthouses, I think.

The cache was about 3 blocks away from the courthouses.  I had to climb a hillside to get to it, though I could have parked at the top of the hill and gone down much easier.  Not even gone down, really.  I climbed.  Even though the coordinates were a little off, I found the cache partially buried in a wall.  I pulled out the rocks, cracked open the box and…wait.  Where is the log?  It’s just a book and a stamp and another book…  Oh, wait.  This isn’t a cache.  This is a letterbox!  I put it back and searched again for about a minute.  The actual cache was about 10  feet away in the roots of a tree.  I’ve heard about things like this happening, but it’s my first time actually seeing it.  Not that it really matters.  They’re placed, people find them both.  Ultimately as long as people get what they’re looking for, that’s what matters.


I got the cache, I went to my car and I headed home.  That was a day.  Quite a day, indeed.






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