20. Kerrville, Kerr County


Another nice little town with a bit of a funky vibe on the square.  Not the place I would come to party or anything, but just fine for passing through.   I can’t think of anything particularly special about Kerrville.  There do seem to be a lot of caches for a town of its size, though, so there must be a few enthusiasts about.  The courthouse was a courthouse with memorials and such.  I was across the grounds when I saw a cannon.  I looked from a distance and thought to myself “Is that a Napoleon?”  For those of you who don’t know much about artillery, a Napoleon is a smooth-bore light cannon that fires 12 lb. rounds.  Though such guns had been used for centuries, Napoleon (who began his career as an artillery officer) popularized them by casting them in bronze instead if iron (making them cheaper and lighter) and developing tactics based on moving them at high speed to be able to flank infantry units and cause devastating amounts of casualties.  While they were sued on both sides in the Civil War, they were far more common on the Confederate side because the Union industrial base allowed for a greater number of types of cannon, especially rifled guns which were far more accurate with a much longer range.  So every time I see a Napoleon on display, I think to myself that it’s a Confederate thing.


And I was not wrong on this occasion, either.

My choices downtown were few, a few mystery caches which I didn’t want to fiddle with (see Bandera to understand why) so I opted for a traditional on the way out of town.  That’s another problem with zombie caches: sometimes they refer to things that are long gone.  In this case, the title was based on a cellular company which I assume used to have a location at the site.  Or maybe it was a hearing aid store.  No matter.  The important thing is that it wasn’t there anymore.  Oh, well.  I found the cache, signed the log, and got back on the road heading to…

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