280. Columbia, Caldwell Parish (LA25)

Hah! Texas has one of those! I got here before sunrise, passing over the great bridge over the river going into the old part of town. Unfortunately, older ages forgot to place trees in better places to facilitate future photography so I had to make due with what I had.

But I had to cross back over anyway and, boy, was the river quite a view that I wasn’t able to get because, well, I was driving at high speed. Suffice it to say that once I managed to pass over it in the daylight, well, for a moment, I was bowled over by the beauty. That and there was a church I forgot to photograph was was quite stunning in its way, too. However, I was not bowled over by the caches. The first one I looked at was a micro in woods that had been DNF’d a few times. Considering it wasn’t entirely daylight at that point, that was a no-go. Another one just plain wasn’t there. Someone needs to do some maintenance out in this area. Unfortunately, I’m not that guy right now and this wasn’t the time as far as I was concerned.

It also also didn’t help that there aren’t that many caches around town. I ended up having to get out on the road a bit to find one on a guard rail quite a bit out of the way from where I intended to go. But these are the risks one takes when you’re out here in the middle of nowhere. And it wasn’t a total loss since I was halfway to a parish I was going to hit today anyway. I kept on going down the road and made an earlier than intended arrival in…

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