279. Jonesboro, Jackson Parish (LA24)

The sun was about an hour from setting as I pulled up to the courthouse. Some quick calculations let me know that no matter how fast I moved here there was no way I would make it to the next location before the sun was below the horizon so I felt no need to even try. I took a leisurely stroll around the place (and by “leisurely stroll,” I mean drove around the building through the 900% humidity).

There was a war memorial out behind the courthouse and I wish I had walked around it and gotten a closer look, but that would have involved cutting my way through the pea soup around me which, no doubt, would have been pregnant with mosquitoes, waiting for skin such as mine upon which to sup. But with little to do here, I decided to hurry up and get the cache before it got too dark.

Look what I found! Down the road there was a car dealership and behind it was an ammo can! Turns out that the owner of the dealership is the brother of a geocacher and allowed a cache on the property. Very kind of him. I did that which needed to be be done and even left a trackable all the way from Belgium. To be entirely honest, there was a little part of me that was worried about leaving it in a cache in the middle of nowhere in Central Beyond, but I need to let go of that. I’m not the guardian of trackables. I need to let them go where they’re going to go and stop worrying about them. Anyway, I did what needed to be done and then thought about where to get some rest. Once that was taken care of, I did some last minute planning to make sure that I would meet the sun in…

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