207. Beaumont, Jefferson County

Welcome to Beaumont, home of…stuff? I hit another biggish city and I didn’t take note of much of the special stuff in town. And in this case, it’s my fault. Beaumont is large enough to have things of interest and I didn’t do any legwork or research to find something really special to see or claim as a cache. Mea culpa for that one. That said, I’m often guilty of that charge. I rarely look into the history or special sites of the places I go. Unless I have a specific cache that is truly fitting for a locale, I tend to just take whatever I find in the area before I go on to the next place. And so it was again today.

The monument game here was sparse, these two bust collections being the most important ones there. At least they were all I felt comfortable getting. There was a homeless man sleeping at the courthouse who woke up not long after I arrived. He started giving me the proverbial hairy eyeball pretty early and managed to maintain a somewhat aggressive stance for someone who didn’t seem to want to get too close. I don’t fear much, especially not in the daylight, but I get a bit uncomfortable at times, and he did a pretty good job of providing it. Since the important stuff was done here, I decided to head off and get to the job.

Look what I found and the GZ for a nearby virtual! It’s a seismometer! I feel a little like I’m giving something away because the first of the questions to claim it is What is it? But the others are safely obscured so there’s that. I sent my answers and made my claim. I got back in the car and then I went on down the road, passing uncomfortably through Vidor, until I reached…

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