208. Orange, Orange County

Hardly the megalopolis the name might lead you to expect. A lush green lawn, a still cool though damp morning, a justice center across the street… Another courthouse in another small town close to the Texas Coast. Unfortunately, there was a disquiet in the back of my mind. I’ve been avoiding Southeast Texas for a while. It’s traditional links to the Confederacy and subsequent history have not been a shining beacon for me. Sure, all of East Texas fits under that umbrella, but this region more so, I think. And I am inching towards somewhere I really never wanted to go. But go there I shall because I’ll be damned to heck if anybody is going to tell me where I can and can’t go. And that means fear and discomfort won’t stop me, either. But it’s early for that and I’m not there yet.

Among the monuments (and there were a number) was this. It’s like a county announcement board, but it really covers the history of the county and its officials rather than current events. Thinking back, I’m not sure I’ve seen one of these up to this point, though I tell you without spoiler that it won’t be the last. That said, checking back through the archives, I saw one in Livingston, but didn’t take note of it. There were other monuments…

…but, of course, there was something else to do here. I drove a few blocks away to some city service building and found a lamp post with a little friend…

RAWR!!! Dinosaur! This fun little buddy was unexpected out here. So I gave it one of my stingily hoarded favorites. After the necessaries were done, that is. And once that was done, I got moving again, this time northward, until I came to a stop in…

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