202. Livingston, Polk County

I approve of this courthouse. Stately and majestic with just a hint of utilitarianism. Finished in 1924, it occupies that middle ground between traditional courthouses and the WPA. That said, this place didn’t really enthuse me. Perhaps there’s something here that I might find interesting if I knew about it, but the downside of being a tourist is that you don’t know about this stuff. If I ever do this again, I might reach out to locals and find some interesting stuff. I’ve already been told about things I missed in other towns I’ve been to because I wasn’t hip to them. A thought for the future. That said, I wish I had had that thought about a hundred and fifty counties ago or more.

The cache itself was easy enough: another plate on another electrical thing at a church. Simple and to the point. Which is good because, unlike other days, I’m already getting closer to the end of sunlight. I got moving again and soon enough I made it to…

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