203. Liberty, Liberty County

The sun was starting to get low as I rolled into town. I knew this would be the last courthouse of the day since I only had a half day to get stuff done today. A nice example of the WPA in action, I thought.

I am a little curious, though. Why did this place go through seven courthouses? I’ve seen lots of places that had multiple courthouses, usually because one was old or burned down or had a hurricane destroy it or something. Even in those cases, it’s usually three or four. Seven? Is this place cursed or something? At this point, I assume they keep a few prefab courthouses in the basement just in case something happens and they need a new one.

As a complete and total side note, what kind of bird is this? The photo isn’t the best because wildlife photography is hardly my strong suit, but I don’t ever remember seeing anything quite like it.

On the way into town, I was thwarted by an LPC that wasn’t there, but after the courthouse, I went simple since there’s always a cemetery. It was pretty much as easy as going to the appropriate tree and pulling out the appropriate thing. Easy peasy, lemon something or other… And once that was done, I got back on the road. I ended up signing a challenge in Dixon TX on the way to my next destination, but it would be a while before I got sleep. I had some late night caching to do in my next destination…

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