481. Mena, Polk County (AR33)

And here I was, back in Arkansas, looking at this actual glorious wonder of the WPA. That said, not only do we have one of these back in Texas, I’ve seen at least one other, too. I didn’t get the lovely little voice welcoming me to Arkansas. Thinking back, I hadn’t gotten it when I arrived in Oklahoma, either. I spent a few moments wondering about that because it’s not like I took some crazy back roads or anything to get into either state but I eventually realized that I was the architect of my own disappointment (sidenote: that may be in the running for title of my autobiography). A while back, I muted Google Maps. Sometimes I get tired of arguing with the voice telling me to make a U-turn and go back the other direction when I know where and (more importantly) why I’m going on a detour, especially when I’m in the middle of “enemy” territory and it’s cache related. Missing the bad stuff means missing out on the good stuff too sometimes. Truly, a lesson for us all (or some kind of crap like that?)…

My stop in Mena proper was pretty short because I had picked up the cache on the way into town. On the way in I had noticed there was one at a baseball field, so I turned off to go after it. It turned out to be behind the baseball field at the American Legion Post here. It was somewhat cleverly hidden in the hole of some kind of plastic base, possibly for a water tank, but I never quite figured that bit out. All that really mattered was that I found it, signed it, and returned it, meaning that the town was really little more than a stop sign for me on the way to…

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