422. Golconda, Pope County (IL007)

There was just enough ambient light to take a regular photo, but a little too much to try a lower light one, thanks to that big light on the side, as small as it is. At some point I’m going to have to figure out what to do about single lights like that, but I was also busy sending messages to some of my old gaming friends. Several of them laughed to think that I (of all people) had finally reached Golconda. However, this was a short stop. I didn’t have to go looking for a cache in the dark because, as fate would have it, I already picked up a cache in the county earlier in the day on the way to Harrisonburg.

I had been in Pope County and figured I might as well grab one while I was passing through so I stopped at a winery.

The good news was that I found it. The bad news was that it was filled with water and the log was an unsignable mess. I dumped the water, but there was little else I could do for it. This one, besides being vulnerable to the wetness, needed more tender loving care than I was willing or able to provide. All I could do was put it in for maintenance and continue on. At least I wouldn’t have to grope around in the middle of the night. Once I did my business at the courthouse, I was on the way out of Illinois. I had work to do in Arkansas in the morning so I started driving in that direction. Unexpectedly, I ended making a completely unplanned stop in…

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