421. Elizabethtown, Hardin County (IL006)

You see that shot? Yes, it’s off kilter and could be framed better, but it was done in almost complete darkness! My low light method might actually work! Actually, it’s not really a theory. I didn’t come up with some new way to reinvent the photographic wheel. I just went out and bought a cheap camera. Now the next job is going to be getting used to the tripod so I can actually have stuff be centered and straight or some kind of crap like that. That, and jigger the settings to get rid of the useless date in corner. But, for the back of beyond for the first time of use? I’ll take it! Oh, and the courthouse is alright, too. Funny thing , though, is that while I was on the ground setting up my shot, I was approached by a town marshal. He stopped and checked on me because he saw someone lying on the ground and wanted to be sure I wasn’t in distress or anything. Once I moved to wave at him as he approached, he saw the camera and figured out what was going on. May I say this is more contact than I had expected to have with cops, more than I had had in a while.

The cache itself was a bison in a tree at a hotel. As you can tell, it wasn’t really meant to be difficult to find because the real draw was the view of the Ohio flowing by. Unfortunately, it was in darkness and I could barely see it with my eyes, much less photograph it. I have no doubt the daytime view is stunning. What I could see, however, was a couple of familiar names, WA$P and househag from back in Colby!  They had been here a few months before. Small world, no? My point here (and I do have one) is that Hardin County was done and I could go. I had one more stop in Illinois (I thought) and that would be in…

4 thoughts on “421. Elizabethtown, Hardin County (IL006)

    1. I have to! When it’s summer and I have 14 hour days to work with, I get a lot done. I had to come up with some things to get more done on short winter days, and it turns out those same things work at night! If I’m going to drive six or more hours just to get where I need to start, I want to get as much done as possible!


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