616. Mound City, Linn County (KS069)

The drive here was a little bit of a pain.  I was feeling a little anxious after all the time I spent in Paola and tiredness had finally begun catching up to me.  At least the courthouse, also like Paola, was nice.  Again, full kudos to my phone.  The low light capabilities on its camera are amazing.  How many crappy photos would have been saved with it in my hands?  Don’t get me wrong…  I am still traveling with my alternate low light method, but I haven’t had to use it in a long time.  This one is giving me such great night shots that I want to try something in almost complete and total darkness like in Elizabethtown just to see how well it does.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shan’t we?  I’ll cross that bridge when I invariably get to it. 

Linn County presented some difficulty that forced me to have to stop and rest.  The county is relatively cache poor, there being twenty in total.  The problem was that one of them was on private property, two of them requested you not do them at night (and while that has not always stopped me, they would have been inaccessible), one of them required a long lakeside hike, and the rest of them were in cemeteries.  I was forced to wait until dawn, so why not get some shuteye and start fresh-ish?  I did and then checked the map first thing in the morning.  There’s always a cemetery, sparsely populated or not.  The cache was a bison hidden inside one of the posts on the plastic fence.  I wish I could say I had a more interesting reason to grab this particular one, but as I am working a challenge to find state names in my caches, I’m also working one to find cache names that are only digits or symbols and no letters.  I am such a hack, but I’m a hack that was done here.  Rested, I took to the back roads again, intent on reaching…

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