658. Pineville, McDonald County (MO012)

This is not how I wanted to start the morning off.  This courthouse is a courthouse, I guess…  Nothing particularly special about it, though.  I can only assume that it was the 70’s or some kind of crap like that.  I have nothing more to say about that.

On the other hand, the historic courthouse right down the street which is now a museum would have been a much better way to start things off.  Do you know what else would’ve been a better way to start the morning?  Not having a city Marshall stop to see what I’m doing while I’m taking photographs.  On a certain level, I get that it may be strange on a Saturday morning, but on another level, it’s pretty obvious I’m just taking photos.  When I was back in Elizabethtown, lying on the ground to get a good angle in the middle of the night, it made perfect sense that a cop would check on me.  Sitting in my car with my phone out the window because it was cold?  Really?  Perhaps I was part of the terrorist cabal intent on destroying our nation’s sensitive and lightly defended county museums?  True safety can only be achieved once we harden our valuable museum network.  For the record, those final conclusions are sarcasm in action.  I am saddened that, in our post-irony world, I have to spell that out.

The cache was a power box that also serves as a trackable hotel.  It was well made and quite popular, as well as being nice and convenient for passers through.  Unfortunately, previous finders had failed to log out the trackables taken so I had to leave empty handed (I mean, empty handed other than the ones I go back at Gorilla Stash).  The cold and the wind cut through me pretty hard.  I hadn’t had time to replenish my reserves of warmth yet after a very cold night, but I was hoping a little more time and travel would help with that, especially while I was on the way to…

3 thoughts on “658. Pineville, McDonald County (MO012)

  1. Aw, dear friend! I am continually reminded of both your literary prowess and your phenomenal strength of character. You are a special individual and a role model to all. I love your positive attitude and outlook is inspiring. I too wish that we all lived in a kinder, more accepting world, but I am glad that YOU are here to show us all the way to be. Thank you! Take care out there, please!


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