668. Nevada, Vernon County (MO015)

Well, Missouri, you are certainly doing very well on points in the courthouse rankings!  For the most part, anyway.  You disappointed me earlier today, but you have certainly been making up for it.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of time here, though, after the debacle of Fort Scott.  After taking a quick five to deal with some personal business (and, in this case, that’s not a clever euphemism for going to the bathroom), I got the cache just after the death of the final rays of the sun.  I really wanted to get a cache with the town name in it since I’m still working that challenge to find the names of every state and am still lacking Nevada.  While there were three Nevada caches in town, two were Multi-caches (one devoted to the town’s Confederate history; the other in a cemetery at night), and one was an EarthCache in a park that closes after dark.  That was three negatives, Ghost Rider.  With that determined, the closest cache it would be! 

Credit where credit is due: I’ve pulled a lot of caches off gutter drainage pipes before, but none quite like this.  Somewhat clever in the greater scheme of things.  I may actually use this idea myself.  One thing I’ve liked about caching is not only the clever ways in which people make hides but also figuring out how to make such a hide my own back in my own hometown, right?  I’m going to go with that.  Regardless, this was quick and easy, and I was in and out in almost no time and on the way to…

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