669. Lamar, Barton County (MO016)

The courthouse is nice and all, but it seems lesser in comparison to some of the glorious courthouses I’ve gotten out of Missouri previously.  That and the Christmas lighting.  However, having been bludgeoned over the head by Bentonville, these lights can hardly be considered damning.  Had the courthouse a tower or dome on top, I think it would fit right in with the ones I’d been impressed by thus far, but it is perfectly lovely and cromulent, so know any complaints against it are softened by qualifiers. 

We all know I have a pretty hard and fast rule against doing cemetery caches at night.  However, this isn’t at the cemetery.  This is a sign at the turn to the cemetery, and someone was nice enough to put a cache here.  Therefore, this is not actually a cemetery cache.  This is merely a tribute.  The magnetic key box had fallen to the ground, so it was no huge whoop to sign and return to its perch.  Good thing that it turned out to be there, too.  The county had a number of caches, but most of them out of the way, and Lamar itself had none to speak of. 

I didn’t particularly look forward to driving to some crazy place in the middle of nowhere and losing a bunch more time.  All that said, the strangest thing happened while I was on the way here.  I saw this giant light in the distance and thought it was a truck with really bright headlights.  As it got closer, the lights got far brighter, well outside the realm of automotive lighting, and yet it was still so far away and slowly approaching, even twinkling a little?  What?  That made absolutely no sense.  I inched closer and closer until it was pretty much blindingly on top of me.  It turned out to be a horse and buggy!  The reflectors combined with the movement of the horse and the crazy intense lighting made it look as if it was twinkling.  I guess a little bit of weirdness never hurt anyone (said the guy who doesn’t ride or care for horses).  With this and a pass through Lamar, I was off again, getting closer to a good night’s sleep, to…

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