670. Greenfield, Dade County (MO017)

This wasn’t a terrible courthouse, but the only thing especially to its credit was that it was easy to find the front, the only face that had a light in the door.  That was nice.  Other than that, everything about getting has been a pain in the proverbial tuches.  Zigzagging routes and crappy country roads ….  Almost hit a truck that was sitting in the middle of a road while its driver was chatting with a friend in a nearby yard.  The entire drive was stupid.

I found the cache just south of town in a guard rail.  I have never been quite so happy to see a crappy guard rail cache or a crappy pill bottle as I was at that moment.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was, but I was both metaphorically and metaphysically done with this county and just wanted to get it over with.  The craptastic roads eventually yielded to the more expertly laid pavements of the big city as I reached my final destination of the day…

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