420. Shawneetown, Gallatin County (IL005)

AAARGH! You’re killing me here! Killing me! So I tried my new low light solution that I’ve mentioned, but it was completely messed up by those two giant lightbulbs right there that screw everything up! How am I supposed to get decent photographs that way? I had to fall back to my iDevice! If I was a less ethical person, I’d bust the lights and take the photographs, but property damage is generally frowned upon. It also raises and interesting question… Might there have been a way to obscure the lights without real damage? I thought about something biodegradable that I could spray on them, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea, either. Of course, it wouldn’t have helped me here because I don’t have anything to fit either bill. This isn’t the first courthouse where I’ve had this problem, but at least I was able to get enough of a shot to read the county name so I can live with that. Still, I’m quite disappointed. I went through the effort to find a might method, but none of the courthouses I’ve run into this trip have either needed it (enough ambient light) or have been geared for it (single, overexposing lights). GAAAHHHH!

Every time I go out on the road for new counties, I make a list for each one so that if I ended up somewhere with out cell service, I can at least use the list to get one. Why does this matter? Because, in this case, I made my map from Gallatin County Kentucky (near Cincinnati), not Gallatin County Illinois. I swear my eyes almost jumped out of my head when I saw where all those caches were in relation to me. Luckily, there’s enough caches around here that I didn’t have to look too hard. It’s not like this was Cairo or anything. The cache turned out to be a preform on the side of the road in a sign post. It’s part of a larger series that’s strung all over the state, different types of hides on various and sundry routes. In this case, I managed to avoid the mud and moat created by rain that I managed to miss (knock on wood). I did the thing on the side road, and got moving with a quickness. The stars were beautiful, but I wanted to get myself to…

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