419. Morganfield, Union County (KY04)

Nice courthouse, but a little too well lit to attempt my lower light solution. That’s OK because this is a regular photo and that’s better than bad, but it’s also making me wonder what was even the point of finding a work around for light? Everywhere seems to be lit or has enough ambient. Of course, if I didn’t have something for it, I no doubt would encounter strings of ill lit courthouses in the middle of nowhere. I also have a secret to tell you… When I’m out here on the road, I make notes about what I’m seeing and doing so I don’t have to try (and some times fail) to reconstruct the visit in my head. Often, the photos are enough to jog my memory, but on at least a couple of occasions I just haven’t been able to remember anything so the notes are invaluable. However, as I go on longer trips, fitting in more counties, getting less sleep and more drained, I get to the point where both my memory is short and my notes are uninteresting. Let’s face it: not every little town (or even small city) is going to have something terribly and painfully interesting. Even if every one does, I may not find it or be able to access it. I only spend limited time in each place and have limited energy for side things, no matter how interesting. Even if that wasn’t an issue, I probably would not be able to hit the Museum of the Coolest Attractions at 1AM. And even if that was still not an issue, eventually, I’m going to have times when I just want to get the thing done and move on. I, as much as I like to tell myself something to the contrary, am only human.

The cache was a small jar hidden in a hole near a guard rail. It was marked as being in the style of the cache hider. I don’t know what that means because a) I saw nothing particularly different about it that would necessitate that description and b) it was about 75 feet off of GZ, which I hope is not a hallmark of the CO. Despite that minor complication, it was pretty simple and easy, just a little more time consuming that I might have liked. However, when you’re only using what would normally be dead hours, that’s not so big a deal. I got moving again, heading towards the bridge that would take me back into Illinois and to the center of…

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