321. Louisville, Lafayette County (AR05)

Ended up making it here really late at night so I had to wait until morning to photograph the courthouse. As you can tell, I probably should have waited for a little more sunlight, but not every photo can be great (or even mediocre. I’ll live with adequate) so it is what it is, especially considering I took a bunch of photos and this was probably the best one. That, and sometimes I find courthouses a little unsettling in the middle of the night. Many don’t register a second thought, but every now and then, one just doesn’t feel right. This was one of them. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I can’t predict it. It just is. I also ended up getting a few hours of sleep in the parking lot of a nearby bank despite the adrenaline rush of almost getting hit by a train (train crossing at night with no lights or working arms in the middle of town? The track at the edge of a “major” intersection? I was lucky I noticed the light because there wasn’t a train horn, either. Ten more seconds and it would have ended in tears). Of course, since it was night, I decided to go ahead and get the cache first so in the morning I could photograph and roll.

I went to a church in the middle of the trees, off a side road. Normally, I don’t mess with a church on a Sunday, but since it was predawn I thought it might be safe enough. Luckily, the cache was easy to find, in the plants under the sign. I did what needed to be done and then went back to town for a little sleep. Once that and the photography were done, I moved again, quickly covering the distance between here and…

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