434. Stillwater, Payne County (OK28)

Nice! Again, I approve. As I have had to do on occasion, I had to make an editorial choice here. As you know, usually I count the front of the courthouse as being where the flagpole is. Failing that, I go where the dumpsters aren’t. In this case, there are neither flagpoles nor dumpsters to make that assessment. So I chose the face that I thought was not only the nicest, but actually said that it was the Payne County Courthouse. That’s probably as good a choice as any. With that done, I swung through a drive-thru to grab some breakfast and, as the sun began to rise, I headed for a cache.

The cache was a keybox attached to the metal bits beneath this bench behind a museum. The painted rock? It was by the bench and I thought it was pretty so what the heck… This was all simple enough. After driving all night, I took a few minutes to eat, check some emails, and make edits to the entry that had just published moments before. Administrative duties attended to, I set off again, this time illuminated by the Daystar, to reach…

2 thoughts on “434. Stillwater, Payne County (OK28)

  1. My question for you… first love your adventures.. Why do you cache at night? Do you work during the day, and if so when do you sleep? The only black cacher I ever met personally was in the middle of nowhere in Kansas while we were seeking oldest caches after Denver Geowoodstock. Somehow we knew he was a cacher out in the wild! Be well. Tough to cache here in Massachusetts with 2 feet of snow! Keep on caching. Anne


    1. Night caching is a newer thing for me. When I started all this, it was with spring and long summer days. When I started traveling in the winter, the short days began to limit my photography, which turned out to be the big limit on my travels. I can get a cache any time, but photographing a courthouse was nigh impossible. So I started figuring out how I could do something with low light and eventually figured out the same things I do to get an extra hour or two before and after daylight work at night so I’m starting to do a little night photography.

      Anyway, remember, I live in Austin. All this night caching is when I’ve taken a trip somewhere and have a set amount of time like a long weekend. I try to do as much as I can while I’m out. If I’m in the middle of OK, I try to do what I can while I’m there. I don’t mind an LPC at 2 AM and I don’t have to come back to some county I would never normally visit if I can avoid it. I also admit I’ve become more adventurous lately. I’ve got a better idea of what will and won’t avoid notice. Most of the time I’ve been right… Now that I can use “dead” night hours, I can get so much more done. I got 7 counties done just on the way up here. I push for three days with a hotel stay and a few naps and get 40 counties. I can work with that. 🙂


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