433. Guthrie, Logan County (OK27)

That’s a nice looking courthouse. I quite like it. And may I also, since I haven’t done it in a while, thank the state of Oklahoma for illuminating their courthouses. It makes it so much easier to do night photography (or morning photography as the case may be).

This morning’s cache was a painted keybox on a low billboard for Taco Bueno. I’m not the restaurant’s biggest fan, but their cheesecake chimichangas are to die for. This particular billboard was promoting their brisket. In my case, that’s a negative, Ghost Rider. That offends my Texan sensibilities. Heck, this brisket might not even be Kansas City level, which is saying something because Kansas City barbeque is crap. Credit where credit is due, their sauces are excellent. Then again, they have to be…

Leaving here, I started to run into a little traffic for the first time since I arrived in the state. The muggle world was rising and beginning the day. I hoped they didn’t get in the way too much. I would soon find out as I made my way down the road to…

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