432. Kingfisher, Kingfisher County (OK26)

I’m starting to find myself getting a little annoyed with these 60’s/70’s courthouses. For me, they feel…lesser, like they’re lower down on the proverbial totem pole than others. They barely feel like they have a history or a pedigree. I know that’s judgmental of me, but it’s hard for me to take a courthouse as seriously when it’s barely older than I am. Further, the design of these things tend to be too modern to be especially interesting to me. I’m not loving this one. That said, one thing I do like about the county seats up here is that they tend to be decently sized and commercialized towns. There are not a lot of seats that are total, middle of nowhere, buttcrack of the world (like a couple of places in Texas [I won’t lie]). Another part of it, I think, might be that every other town seems to have a casino, and with casinos, usually money and, by extension, amenities. And it’s pretty close to Oklahoma City, too. I’m sure these guys are doing a little better because of that.

I picked up a cache that was ice cream related because it was at an ice cream shop. Well, it was an ice cream shop when it was placed 8 years ago. It is a totally different, arguably diametrically opposed business, something I didn’t necessarily want to photograph. That, and I was upset that there would be no ice cream. Of course, with it being 4:30 in the morning, the odds of ice cream were low to begin with. So, I decided get out of this county, which would probably increase my chances of getting ice cream tenfold! Full disclosure: there will be no further mention of ice cream as I continue chasing the morning in…

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