209. Newton, Newton County

Another quaint little town with a central responsibility. The grounds here were well decorated, littered with the historical detritus of passing days…

…along with another one of these…

…which, to be honest, I’m not sure if they’re new on my journey or just new to me.

The cache itself wasn’t all that impressive, a micro in a tree in a park. It was annoying because it was the third cache I attempted in that park so it just kept me walking farther and farther from my quick getaway to the car. But I realized that that didn’t really bother me all that much in this case. I felt like a doom was following me around, a dread that I couldn’t escape, try as I might. It needed to be addressed and faced. So once I grabbed the thing, I headed back to the car. I actually sat for a few moments, steeling myself for the drive to come. And when I felt I was truly prepared, I made a deep exhale, put the car in drive, and headed for the place I’ve really been avoiding the most when I think of Southeast Texas…

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