206. Kountze, Hardin County

I didn’t think I was going to find much of anything especially interesting out here in the middle of Southeast Texas from a courthouse perspective (other than the background of Miami Vice, that is). Hardin County proved me wrong. The majority of the building (the bit on the left) is pretty, well, boring and old school in a 60’s way. But the clock tower over there? Lovely. It was like a solarium containing the artifacts of the courthouses past.

That’s actually quite a room. I wish that this place was open so I could go in and sit for a few minutes. I have the feeling it would be a nice moment. Well, as nice a moment as I can have in a region that I’m mostly ambivalent about. Let’s be honest: it’s not like I’m coming back here. The allures of Kountze are questionable at best. Besides, I have other business to attend to.

There’s always a cemetery. This one was an odd one. It’s near a church, but not part of it, connected to an industrial lot. It’s also in a weird place because the obvious way in is through the lot, but that’s locked off because, well, it’s a business. Then you have to turn around and drive back around the church and a bank or something, to get back to it. Unfortunately, the trip to find how to get here was the most interesting part. The cache itself was a bison on the back fence. It was found, signed, and returned quickly enough and then I got back on the road. A bit more time and a bit more driving and then I arrived in…

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