205. Anahuac, Chambers County

The early morning shadows were still long when I arrived here. The morning cool was humid, bolstered by proximity to the Gulf. Still, the sun began to slice through it, warm beams reminding you what the afternoon would be like when it came to its height, agitating the moisture in the air.

There was something weird about the monuments, though. If you notice the bench up there? There a plaque noting the presence of a German WWI howitzer. That’s weird. Not sure I’ve seen that before. They must have had a good reason to move it, but why would they leave the plaque? Especially if they’re going to do something completely different with the space? Not mine to make reply, not mine to reason why, or something else suitably Tennysonian. Besides, there were more important things to do. The first cache was supposed to be at the eponymous pink granite block devoted to the county that so many counties have. Except it wasn’t. Looked like it had been mowed recently and maybe it had been tossed as trash or something? So I went somewhere else…

Hey, MA! I think I found the howitzer! Maybe. I’m not sure if this is from WWI. Or really even German. But it is at a war memorial park on the outer edge of town. Sometimes I get annoyed at the idea of having to drive to the edge of town in a direction that’s not conducive to my travels. Of course, I then remember that some of these towns are so tiny that “the edge of town” might mean driving a mile out of the way. Possibly two. I can quit my griping. I ended up finding the cache sitting out on the ground. It was obviously supposed to be under a skirt of sorts, but somehow it escaped? Good attempt, but not enough. I signed it and then returned it to its prison to await the next claimant. Its escape was thwarted, but mine was certain. I got back in the car and started rolling again, making a quick dogleg north to reach…

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