32. Columbus, Colorado County


This one reminded me of Williamson County with that giant dome on top, but that was not what drew me on this one.  Actually, it’s two things.  Number one: it turns out that this county was the center of a land grant to a distant relative of my daughters (they have roots going back to the Tumlinsons, some of Stephen F. Austin’s First Three Hundred).  Number two is this:


See that white tower there?  It used to be the water works for the town long ago but after that, it had a few uses until it eventually became…


Really?  REALLY?!?  I’ve seen a number of Confederate monuments and even Bastrop’s Confederate poetry, but a Confederate museum?  On the Courthouse grounds?  GAAAAAH!!!

The cache itself was nothing out of the ordinary.  It was a magnetic Altoids box attached to an iron fence in a little courtyard across the courthouse.  Of course, the mud level was up to 9000 along to the rain level.  It was grabbed, signed, and replaced.  Back to the car, where we set off for…

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