33. La Grange, Fayette County


All ZZ Top references aside, the rain finally let up before we got into town.  Walking was done in some semblance of dryness that would not last (but that would not be an issue until Bastrop, but that’s something for another time).


Sure, there were monuments and whatnot, but La Grange isn’t much bigger than either of the last two towns.  That, and the day was getting late and we had a time table to adhere to.  So we hit the nearby cache.


This is the local veteran’s/war museum.  The cache was in a pipe by an outbuilding.  I’ve thought about doing a similar hide for a long time myself.  I know caches aren’t supposed to be buried, but I wonder if you can partially bury something to keep it in place and then place the cache inside of it.  I’ll have to check on that.

Anyway, we got back on the road.  Our county visits were complete, though our caching for the day was still going.  We’ll get to that, too…

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