But Wait. There’s More…


There was more than one reason for this particular route.  You see, there’s an AlphaNumeric Challenge that I’ve been working on as a side thing.  There are three 0 caches within 100 miles and the closest is 37 miles away in a neighboring town (Bastrop, if you must know).  And, as fate would have it, our little jaunt would require going through that neighboring town to get home.  So we headed to the GZ, tromping through the woods behind a subdivision until we ran across a suspicious looking ant’s nest.  And after some poking and prodding…


…look what we found!  So 0 achieved!  And before the sun set!  What timing!

We headed back into Bastrop, ready to head home.  Though I forgot to document it (it was a long day, folks), we ended up ending the day the same way it began: at Buc-ee’s.  We had sodas and sweet tea and caramel popcorn and visits to the lovely, clean bathrooms.  Five new counties were added to my list.  This is what I call a good day, yes?

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