My Day’s Cemetery Cache

So I hit my daily cache.  I usually feel a bit of a poignant sadness whenever I visit a black cemetery.  When I was in Kansas City last year for the total eclipse, I visited a cemetery.  The Washington cemetery was beautifully maintained and filled with the most amazing tombstones.  The Lincoln cemetery, on the other hand, was rundown, mostly overgrown, and the only reason the road into it is paved is because it’s the final resting place of a world renowned Jazz player.  And, before you ask, the paving ends at his grave.  Hmm.


This is the well maintained side.


This is the other side.  I was even a bit afraid to walk around in here.  I’m not superstitious or anything, but I always worry that I’m going to step on someone’s grave.


So there’s that…  Anyway, the rain messed up my weekend plans.  I was going to go out to La Grange/Bastrop, but I thought better of it.  I might try again this weekend.  Or maybe somewhere else.  I haven’t decided yet.  Somewhere but I don’t know where…

One thought on “My Day’s Cemetery Cache

  1. I use to really worry about stepping on graves, but now I don’t. There is a city park in San Diego that has graves underneath it, no grave stones (except a few), there was quite a story about it a few years ago. Also has a cache that I can’t seem to find…


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