403. Hernando, DeSoto County (MS06)

I will say this much about Mississippi: thus far its courthouses have not been disappointing. Look at this lovely creature! So, funny thing is that all during my planning to come here, I always thought Hernando was a strange name for a town in general, much less a county seat in the South. It’s not until I actually got here that I put two and two together and realized it’s supposed to make a name. As I have mentioned on a few occasions, I am not a clever man. That makes this place the third in a very exclusive club. I should come up for a name for these counties, but that’s an exercise I suspect I shall leave for a later date, if I ever get around to it at all.

The cache, however, was much easier. I snagged it, enswaggened it, and claimed it with no muss, fuss, or any other thing that rhymes with muss or fuss. Almost anti-climactic, really. And with that, I was off. It was time to hit the real quarry for the day. I continued northward into something much more urban, and when I crossed the county line, I was officially in…

3 thoughts on “403. Hernando, DeSoto County (MS06)

  1. Enswaggened-I’m definitely gonna add that word to the conversation next time I’m out with the caching friends. 😁
    I really enjoy your writing style!


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