402. Tunica, Tunica County (MS05)

Somehow, I made it here through the torrential downpouring rain. OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but humor me my excesses? Lovely courthouse, no? I didn’t expect the cute little clock face up there. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to show because the grounds are clean of monuments or anything. Tunica claims to be the casino capital of the south, but I’ve never heard of it. I figured Oberlin Parish would have a much better claim, but I must admit my general knowledge of casinos is lacking. Just as unfortunately, this was probably the most interesting thing I was going to get out of Tunica. Or so I thought…

I had never heard of the Central US Earthquake Consortium before, but they promote awareness and encourage planning for earthquakes, the scourge of the Heartland (full disclosure: it is not a “scourge,” nor is this area really the Heartland)! My point here (and I do have one) is that they have chosen to promote some of this awareness…

…in geocache form! An ammo can out here in what feels like the middle of beyond (except, of course, for the museum behind me and the community center you can see plainly in the background)? Excellent! Swag was exchanged and I even left a trackable because I’m in another state, now aren’t I? And, with my business done here, I took to the road, wondering if perhaps there was some sort of riverboat gambling in the vicinity that I hadn’t seen any sign of. That was a pointless line of conjecture, though. I was far less interested in games of chance than I was in arriving in…

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