401. Marks, Quitman County (MS04)

At least this began on a good note, with the cheery little voice saying “Welcome To Mississippi.”  That being said, I never feel particularly welcome in Mississippi.  If there is a state I am ambivalent about visiting, it is most assuredly Mississippi.  And nothing says “Welcome to Mississippi” like rain!  To be fair, it wasn’t that bad, but I’m always a little frosty about rain after the accident.  I know why it happened and know that it is unlikely to happen to a vehicle that didn’t have that specific set of circumstances occur over the years beforehand, but the memory of the event still echoes in my muscles.  Perhaps this is how superstitions are born.  That aside, at least I have an umbrella

I don’t know if I entirely agree that “[o]bedience to the law is liberty.”  Actually, that’s not true.  I definitely know that it isn’t, neither literally nor figuratively.  Obedience to the law is the way to have a civilized society and I will cede that equal application of the law affords liberty to the greatest number of people.  At the same time, not all laws are just and many would argue that opposing an unjust law is a different kind of liberty.  Believe me, I could go down a rabbit hole, bouncing back and forth between Hobbes noting that before there can peace there must first be order and Lenin asking cui bono regarding such a statement, but this is probably the most thought that anyone has put into that motto up there in a long time.  So, if that was your goal, O Architect, then Mission Accomplished.  Basically, as far as I’m concerned, “Right” and “Legal” aren’t married, but they definitely date pretty seriously.

Much like Phillips County before, Quitman is cache poor and I ended up getting out of town to find one.  It looked like a ton of them were disabled for some reason I haven’t figured out yet.  I vaguely remember there being some tornados or serious storms months before which I only knew about because the hotels in northeast Texas were all packed at one point when I was passing through.  I also didn’t know that Charley Pride was from this area.  Seeing this was the perfect choice for a cache to grab. Of course, this takes on a greater symbolism now considering his death last week.

The cache is in bad shape.  It totally needs some TLC, but I have no idea when or even if that’s going to happen anytime soon.  But a cache is a cache is a cache.  At the time I was elated to have it, too.  It meant I had caches from two counties beginning with Q and I could put my plan into motion!  In Tarrant County, there is the ABC County Name Challenge, which requires counties starting with each letter of the alphabet.  The wonky counties are for X because no counties start with it (a county containing it is acceptable), and Q because there are only 5 counties in the country that begin with it (six if you count Puerto Rico).  It turns out that Z is also a wonky county because there are only 3 of those, two in Texas and one in South Dakota, but I didn’t know about that at the time and I’ve got both the Texas ones so there’s no problem there for my purposes, but I digress (as I am wont to do).  With Quay and now Quitman counties under my belt, I was going to publish a DOUBLE ABC County Name Challenge here in Austin.  Unfortunately, between coming here and now, my kindly reviewer, after some research, informed me that the challenge couldn’t be allowed under the recent changes for challenges because you can’t base them on names of caches, cache owners, counties, or anything similar.  Well, heck, I came to Mississippi for nothing!  Other than some new counties, so I guess I’ll have to content myself with that.  I’m still sad panda, though.  But that is for now, not then/now (if that makes any sense to you all). Not knowing the horrible and inescapable sadness that would await me in the future/now, I headed up the road to…   

3 thoughts on “401. Marks, Quitman County (MS04)

  1. I agree about the saying at the top of the courthouse. My thought is that it’s very Orwellian. “Liberty is obedience” ugh. Usually there’s a qualifier there as well because they make work-arounds for certain people. I do so enjoy these posts now that I’m snowbound!


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